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Levi John is music, music is Levi John." The American songwriter and singer, Levi John, embodies  this personal philosophy of life as he looks back at an already successful career as a musician and entertainer.
Levi John, who was born on the Caribbean Island of Grenada, was discovered while singing on the TV, After six years on the TV screen, Levi took advantage and the opportunity to the Performing Arts, he studied music, theater and dance. During this time Levi was also developing his talent as a song writer.
Levi's remarkable talent assured him his first record contract with World Records. In the late 70s to mid 80s, he released several hit singles together with the band, "The Organizations." The songs, "Hearts of Hearts" and "Love Love" were recognized for their unique mixture of Caribbean rhythm and Latin sound particularly in the South American music market. Levi John achieving popularity in the Caribbean and South America as "Spooge" and "Gongon." Combining this style, Levi is considered to be one of the originators of, "SOCA" (Sound of Caribbean Artists).

 Levi faced a new challenge in the signing on with an American musical company. This career decision led to a ten year engagement for big productions on Broadway in New York. Levi concludes, "This time in my career was very special for me. I had grown as a singer and entertainer and was now able to develop an extraordinary connection to my audience.”
Despite the hectic schedule with his Broadway engagements, Levi continued to write his own songs. His hard work was rewarded with a partnership between the artist and Polydor/Polygram Records in Montreal, Canada culminating in the Top 20 hits, "Hey Honey" and "Feel Like Dancing."  
In the early 90s, Levi moved to Las Vegas where he had various engagements including the Jerry Lewis Show. Levi continued his accomplishments as a songwriter, producing a million seller, "Sukumay Mama," from his home in Florida. Despite his busy career as a performer, Levi devoted time to performing at charitable functions to support families and children in need.

Levi explains," It was time for me to repay my audiences for the inspiration and joy they had given me. The only way I could do this was through my music." 

At the turn of the century, it was time for the artist to return to the studio to produce another album. In collaboration with the producer, Cliff Downs, whose team had worked with other artists such as Mariah Carey and Boys II Men, the musician wrote 10 new Pop songs. The album is a combination of full sounds and an unusual mix of R&B, Jazz, Gospel and of course Caribbean Pop. The songs represent Levi John at his finest. The outcome is the CD, "Generations" with which the American will now introduce his extraordinary voice for the first time on the German market.

After an extensive engagement at Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa, one of the United States top vacation resorts, Levi ventured to Germany, Italy, and many other places throughout Europe where he has been performing for the past several years at various venues including television, radio and live performances.

Levi then traveled to Germany and Far East promoting his song, “People Helping People,” which received high praise. With his latest album, “Whisper,” soon to be released you will experience the joy of Levi John! Whisper, Dancing InThe Moonlight, Generation, Spreading The Magic