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What's Going On

Working On A Book

You Were Black Before Me.

By Godwin. L John.

A true story about a boy by the name of Mannie

Growing up in the Caribbean Island.

It's a true and Believable.

Events of what happened?

As he was growing up.

It will be soon available.

On audiobook

click on the link.

You were black before me.

You'll be able to review.

Portion of this book.

my show

Me Myself And I

I'm putting together. It showed that. Consist.

Of my music. It's called  me, myself and I

Open that I will be able to do this show with.

Accompaniment of piano.

Guitar in percussion. And some vocals. I think it'll be exciting.

It showed it consists only. Of my music.

Music that I've written over the years.

It would be ready this summer.

Me myself and I.

OK.A musical from Levi. John.

Keep On Moving On

Keep on moving on.

It’s a true feeling? Of what I feel these days.

You see, there is no loyalty in friendship  Anymore.

Only the have. And they have not.

So. I'm working. On a new cd Over and over.

My producer Greg and I. Decided it. Needed.

So we have put lots of times in creating some new songs.

Songs that I have written. Many years ago.

And believe this is the right time.

God has given us a gift.

And we have been making music from the day.

We knew what music was all about.

So we just keep on moving. On.


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